DBHIDS Conference Success Story

On Friday, April 27, The Won Institute Clinic participated in the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability Services Faith and Spiritual Affairs 12th Annual Conference. The purpose of this year’s conference was to increase awareness of programs and services for children, families … Continued

Namas Day Big Success!

On Saturday, April 21, The Won Institute was a participating sponsor of Namas Day, a day to bring together the wellness community, offering an opportunity to connect students, teachers, studios and wellness businesses in the Philadelphia area.  The Won Institute … Continued

Mindfulness and Meditation for You

So what is Buddhist meditative practices? Often divided into two categories: wisdom practices, and method practices, the Wisdom practices are designed in a way for the practitioner to perceive, or experience the true nature of human experience. It is often … Continued

Meet Doyeon Park

A novice to Eastern thought asks Doyeon Park about Won Buddhism. She recommends looking up the Four Great Principles. One of those is Selfless Service to the Public. Doyeon doesn’t need to say it, but the evidence is clear: she … Continued

Licensed Acupuncturist Needed- Village Wellness

Village Wellness is currently interviewing for an independent contractor licensed acupuncturist position located in Berwyn, on the main line, philly. They are looking for someone who is: – Passionate about wellness and helping others – A people person & loves … Continued

Won Student Highlight —Jessica Weaver

  Jessica Weaver giving acupuncture in student clinic   In her 20s, and living in San Diego, third-year Won Institute student Jessica Weaver was familiar with acupuncture. But it wasn’t until many years later, as an adult, that she decided … Continued