Core Values

Personal Development & Core Values

Professional Achievement.

The Won Institute fosters a community of interconnectedness and spirtual cultivation

The Strategic Plan Steering Committee worked on the core values of the institute and included all of its constituencies’ input in its development. The core values of the Won Institute reflect the principles of Won Buddhism and are founded on the shared values of our diverse community. These principles are expressed in the following seven broad categories:


  • We create an environment that fosters the growth of each individual
  • We make meditation central to our educational endeavors
  • We believe that an integrated person is one who balances professional knowledge and self-cultivation


  • We foster openness to new ideas
  • We encourage awakening through dialogue, meditation and insight into current social conditions
  • We promote creativity and innovation


  • We promote rigorous investigation and intellectual dialogue that calls forth ideas and insights, and research into the feast of knowledge
  • We integrate critical and appreciative thinking skills in our educational approach
  • We are committed to continuous improvement  towards a goal of excellence


  • We engage in  reflection as a means for self-awareness and an understanding of our interconnectedness
  • We encourage self-reflection as a path to clarity, discernment and ethical integrity
  • We believe that reflection leads to skillful conduct


  • We value cooperation and collaboration among faculty, students, staff and the wider community
  • We aspire to an honest dialogue in community
  • We believe that an awareness of our interconnectedness fosters mutual appreciation and compassion


  • We honor different points of view, diverse cultures, thinking styles and life paths
  • We foster collaborative processes that lead to sustainability
  • We believe that we live fully and best in community


  • We view service as a relationship among equals
  • We value professionalism and leadership in the service of a better society
  • We nurture a dedication toward the well-being of others

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