Financial Resources

Federal Student Financial Aid

The first step is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at The school code for the Won Institute is G39493. The FAFSA should be completed online at least one month prior to the start of classes, but may be completed as early as possible.

As a graduate school, Won Institute students are eligible for a Direct Loan or a Direct Graduate Plus Loan. Information about these loans and how they differ is available from the Department of Education. Currently the upper limit of the Direct Loan and the interest rate can be found here. The upper limit of the Direct Graduate Plus Loan depends on the cost of attendance of a student’s program and the interest rate as of July 1,2019 is 7.08%.

Veteran Benefits

The Won Institute is approved for veteran’s educational benefits. For more information on this process, please contact our Registrar.

Financial Aid Forms

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Internal Scholarships

Song Dok Scholarship Fund

The Song Dok Scholarship is specifically designed for current Won Buddhist ministers who wish to enroll in Won Institute courses and for American students who are enrolled in the Preparatory Won Buddhist Studies program and intend to matriculate into the Won Buddhist Studies program. These funds are available to help cover the tuition of both part and full-time students. Individuals interested in applying must submit the Scholarship Application by August 15 for the fall term and December 15 for the spring term. Students can email [email protected] to obtain the application form.

Institutional Aid Scholarship

The Institutional Aid Scholarship is a merit and need-based scholarship awarded to select members of the incoming class of students in the Doctor of Acupuncture, Master of Acupuncture Studies and Chinese Herbal Medicine Certificate program. Individuals interested in applying must submit the Institutional Aid Application by
August 1. Incoming students will be emailed the application form after they confirm enrollment.

Janice Mackenzie Scholarship

This is a $1,000 award for current students going into their third year of the Master of Acupuncture or Doctor of Acupuncture program.

The Janice MacKenzie 5 Element Scholarship is underwritten by Four Seas Acupuncture in Jenkintown. The practice wishes to honor Janice MacKenzie and hopes to encourage and advance the incorporation of 5 Element acupuncture into practice. Janice was a professor of 5 Element acupuncture at the Won Institute since its first acupuncture class in 2005. She was a beloved and passionate teacher who was instrumental in the growth of the Acupuncture Studies program. Janice was a pioneer in advancing acupuncture in Pennsylvania through her work with others in obtaining licensure for acupuncturists in Pennsylvania and had served as president of the Association for Professional Acupuncture, Pennsylvania. She was a community organizer, progressive political activist, author, musician and photographer in addition to being an Acupuncturist and educator. The scholarship aims to honor the rich legacy of her contributions to the profession and to the community.

External Scholarships

A list of possible places to search for scholarships compiled by staff, students, and informational mailings to the Institute. – Good luck with your search – click below to start!

I chose the Won for the small class size, the community feel and the meditation component is wonderful!
Margaret Haff
ACS Class of 2016