Appointment costs & times

Our staff use acupuncture and ancillary techniques to address a wide variety of conditions including pain, stress, infertility, reproductive disorders, addictions, GI disorders, respiratory disorders, PTSD, and side effects of chemotherapy.

Initial Appointment: $90

Follow up Appointments: $75

Call for Appointment: 215-884-9340

Professional Clinic Hours

Monday9 a.m. - 6 p.m.Les Rolf
Tuesday9:30 a.m - 12:30 p.m.Eddie Carvajal
Wednesday9 a.m. - 1p.m.
1 p.m - 5 p.m
Lisa Graham
Insun Park
Thursday9 a.m. - 6 p.m.Les Rolf
Friday1 p.m. - 5 p.m.Eddie Carvajal

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Know Your Acupuncturists

doreen-headshotDoreen Lafferty, L.Ac., OTR/L, NCTMB (NCBTMB), Clinical Director

M.Ac., Won Institute of Graduate Studies

Doreen Lafferty is a graduate of the Won Institute where she received her Master’s in Acupuncture and Certificate of Chinese Herbal Medicine. She practices at the Cancer Treatment Center at Hahnemann University Hospital. She is also a licensed Occupational Therapist and Massage Therapist. She is the Clinic Director at the Won Institute.


Lester Rolf, Dip.Ac., LMT

Ph.D., Texas A&M University 
D.V.M., Oklahoma State University
M.Ac., Won Institute of Graduate Studies

Les Rolf has been an adjunct faculty member at the Won Institute since August, 2010.Previous overlapping Western medical experiences include 22 years as a Naval Reserve hospital corpsman; 20 years in biomedical research and education and 20 years as a veterinarian. Les is a certified and licensed massage therapist with a focus on deep tissue and sports massage techniques. He has a private practice, Bright Eyes Acupuncture Clinic, LLC, in center city Philadelphia. He complements his acupuncture treatments, as appropriate, with massage and body work.

image1Eddie Carvajal L.Ac.

M.Ac., Won Institute of Graduate Studies

Eddie Carvajal is a licensed acupuncturist by the Pennsylvania Board of Medicine.He graduated with a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture at the Won Institute of Graduate Studies.He is also a licensed medical laboratory technologist working at the local hospitals, performing various laboratory tests to help physicians find proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment to the patients.As a former laboratory supervisor, he has extensive experience as an effective liaison between doctors and nurses when it involves laboratory testing and procedures. Having the advantage of dealing with Eastern and Western healthcare modality, he is committed to provide professional holistic health solution for the patients.Being multilingual in four languages, Eddie finds this asset useful when needed to interact with patients who speak different languages, and this will undoubtedly be an advantage to the school clinic and the patients he serves at Won Institute.  

Lisa Graham L.Ac., CPHPCA

M.Ac., Won Institute of Graduate Studies

Lisa Graham is a recent graduate of the Won Institute. Lisa began her professional career in the U.S. Army as a Biological Assistant and continued in the science field in both academia and biotechnology, moving from the bench top in the laboratory to a regulatory professional working with health authorities taking an investigational drug through clinical trials to a marketed product.  Lisa was inspired to become an acupuncturist after experiencing first hand the healing ability of acupuncture. Lisa blends all of her education together to offer the most compassionate and comprehensive care to her patients. Her goal is to make acupuncture an easy, sensible part of her patient’s lives.


Chong Nyue (Insun) Park M.A., L.Ac.

Director of Administration
M.Ac., Won Institute of Graduate Studies
M.A., Florida International University

Chong Nyue (Insun) Park is an acupuncturist licensed by the Pennsylvania Board of Medicine. She graduated with a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture from the Won Institute of Graduate Studies. She is currently enrolled in the Certificate of Chinese Herbal Medicine program, also at Won Institute.

Ever Since Insun was a little girl, she aspired to help people, mind, body, and spirit. She studied to become a Won Buddhist minister, which she has been since 1991. While working as Director of Administration at the Won Institute of Graduate Studies she got a chance to fulfill the second part of her dream and enrolled in the Acupuncture Studies program. Besides meditation and mind practice, she has been practicing Tai Chi & Qi Gong since 2008, which deepens spirituality and supports body’s natural tendency to return to balance and equilibrium creating strength, flexibility, and balance. Insun is an avid gardener and known around the Institute as the woman who can make all plants grow!