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2019 Study Abroad in South Korea

For 10 days you will have the ability to learn more about Traditional Korean Medicine and Culture!

July 14 - 24th | 14 PDAS (Pending)

In this study abroad course, students learn and experience the inner workings of Traditional Korean Medicine and South Korean Culture. On a 10 day trip to Wonkwang University, Won Institute’s sister school, students attend lectures on Traditional Korean Medicine given by university faculty members. They also go on excursions to tour Wonkwang Hospitals in other regions of South Korea. Seoul is the last stop on the tour before returning to the US.

Oriental Medicine – Physical Medicine (OM-PM) 

Instructed By Dr. ian CyruS, MS, DACM, L.Ac., ATC

March 23 - 24th | 14 PDAS (Pending)

OM-PM is an integrative system of medicine combining the best of classical Oriental Medicine and Western Medical Science to arrive at an integrated method of treatment. OM-PM is directed at an integrated method of treatment for regulating abnormalities in the physical condition. This is based on an assessment of the imbalances and anomalies in various channels systems using diagnostic methods (The Four Examinations) unique to OM and assessment methods (Orthopedic and neurological exams, manual muscle testing, and motion palpation) unique to “Physical Medicine”. PM findings are then reframed into the OM paradigm in order to broaden diagnosis and treatment options.

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