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About the Doctor of Acupuncture Program

The Doctor of Acupuncture program is designed to prepare its graduates for leadership in the field of acupuncture and integrative medicine. The Doctor of Acupuncture program leads to a Doctor of Acupuncture degree, allowing graduates to receive the highest level of education in the field, and achieve degree parity alongside other doctorally-trained healthcare professionals. Students enrolled in our four-year DAc program gain a comprehensive understanding of Chinese medical theory and the ancient and modern uses of acupuncture. Rigorous academic instruction and early clinical exposure are the hallmarks of our program. The flexible, hybrid program format allows students to complete courses both online and in the classroom. The final year of the program is delivered in 100% online in a fully asynchronous format with the exception of *DAC 7302 – East Meets West: Clinical Collaboration and Cooperation.

The Doctor of Acupuncture program includes a clinical internship, which is one of the most important and unique parts of the program, because it provides students with a place to immediately put acupuncture training into practice. DAc students spend four terms of the program completing a clinical internship onsite at the Won Institute, where they have the opportunity to treat patients under the supervision of experienced acupuncture faculty. The first two terms in the clinic are focused on implementing the Five Elements of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment plans. During the final two terms, students focus on developing their own identity as acupuncturists and have the freedom to craft their own treatment regimens with guidance from the faculty. This experience gives our Doctor of Acupuncture graduates the confidence they need to effectively treat patients in their own practice.

Coursework also includes training in meditation and mindfulness, allowing students to focus on the whole person including body, mind, and spirit. The Doctor of Acupuncture program prepares students to sit for the NCCAOM national board exams that are required for licensure as an acupuncturist in many states including Pennsylvania. 

Program Format & Schedule

Our Doctor of Acupuncture Program is a four-year program with three terms per year (fall, spring, and summer). New students begin in the fall term only. Classes are held one evening and two full days during the week for the first two years, with the schedule changing slightly during the clinical internship starting in the summer term of year two. The fourth year is conducted 100% online in an asynchronous format. Those with existing Master’s degrees in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can apply directly to the Doctor of Acupuncture Program completion track.


Why Won Institute?

Attending Won Institute of Graduate Studies for the Doctor of Acupuncture Program ensures you receive the best education for your acupuncture career. Our institution has:

  • Regional accreditation from Middle States Commission on Higher Education
  • Diverse, highly-regarded faculty & staff
  • A comprehensive education in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Acupuncture
  • Advanced doctoral-level training allows for increased opportunities in clinical practice, teaching, and research
  • Flexible, hybrid program format blends both online and in-person learning 
  • Coursework in meditation & mindfulness
  • Study abroad opportunity in South Korea

Won Institute of Graduate Studies’ Doctor of Acupuncture Program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine (ACAHM). ACAHM is the accrediting agency for acupuncture programs in the United States. You can view our official accreditation status on ACAHM’s directory. Additionally, our school is regionally accredited by Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)

View our full accreditation details on our Consumer Information page.

Students can apply for our Doctor of Acupuncture program year-round, but new students only begin during the fall term. To qualify for the program, students must complete several prerequisites prior to the first day of classes:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any subject.
  • 3 credits of Anatomy & Physiology I.
  • 3 credits of Anatomy & Physiology II.

Please note you do not have to have these prerequisites complete to apply. Our institute offers Anatomy and Physiology courses every summer through 100% online classes.  View our full requirements on our Admissions Requirements page.

Furthermore, applicants should review our technical standards to ensure they will be a good fit for the program.

In addition to the prerequisites, students must also complete three credits each in Chemistry, Biology, and Psychology. The courses can be completed concurrently with the Doctor of Acupuncture Program. Students can take our online Biochemistry of Plants class to satisfy their biology or chemistry requirements.

Your career options are vast when you have a Doctor of Acupuncture Degree. Graduates are prepared to teach at the doctoral level and contribute to research in the acupuncture field. Our alumni are working in:

  • Their own private practices
  • Shared practices with other acupuncture practitioners
  • Wellness centers
  • Community clinics
  • Chiropractor’s offices
  • Massage therapy clinics
  • Primary care offices
  • Integrative care clinics
  • Specialized medical facilities, like veteran’s hospitals or hospice care
  • Hospitals
  • Higher Education

When you enroll, you’ll have four years of education and training to prepare you for a career in acupuncture. Each year has three terms — fall, spring, and summer. You’ll receive a comprehensive education with all the courses and clinical internships you complete during the program.

Students can complete their Doctor of Acupuncture degree through various in-person and online classes. Students spend time learning the art of traditional Chinese medicine and ancient and modern acupuncture. Additionally, the clinical internship that all students complete is in-person and on-site.

Won Institute of Graduate Studies has a team of exceptional faculty members who are committed to teaching and helping students achieve their goals. Get to know our faculty and learn more about their backgrounds.

Won Institute of Graduate Studies also offers two similar programs for students who are aspiring acupuncturists or already working and want to further their education:

  • Master of Acupuncture: You can receive your master’s degree in acupuncture upon completing our three-year program. Students enrolled in the program receive a comprehensive education to better understand the ancient and modern uses of acupuncture and Chinese medical theory.
  • Doctor of Acupuncture Completion Track: Working acupuncturists can expand their clinical relationships while improving patient outcomes by furthering their education with the Doctor of Acupuncture Completion Track. The one-year professional program is online and asynchronous so students can complete their doctorate in acupuncture per their schedule.

At the Won Institute, we understand that tuition and fees can be a major financial investment. Learn more information about tuition and fees, and our financial resources including scholarship opportunities.

There are many benefits to becoming a Doctor of Acupuncture but we’ve narrowed them down to the top 4 reasons:

1. You are receiving the highest distinction in the field of Acupuncture.

2. You will have the ability to teach in doctoral-level programs

3. You will have higher earning potential and referral opportunities with other medical professionals. 

4. You can become an expert researcher and a published author.

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The Won Institute of Graduate Studies has partnered with Won Kwang University to offer a 10-day study abroad trip to South Korea. Current second and third year Acupuncture students along with licensed Acupuncturists are encouraged to participate in this trip. Click the button below to learn more about the benefits of participating in the upcoming study abroad trip to South Korea.


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