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About the Master of Acupuncture Studies (AcS) Program

As the only accredited acupuncture institution in the state of Pennsylvania, our Master of Acupuncture Studies program educates future leading acupuncturists for a growing industry in integrative/alternative medicine. Since the program’s inception in 2005, our Master of Acupuncture Studies Degree has been one of the most successful programs at the Won Institute of Graduate Studies. Students enrolled in our accredited three-year acupuncture Master’s Degree program gain a comprehensive understanding of Chinese Medical Theory and the ancient and modern uses of acupuncture. Rigorous academic instruction and early clinical exposure are hallmarks of our program. We pride ourselves on our diverse faculty, many of whom have been trained throughout the world. In preparing Master of Acupuncture Studies program students for the profession, students are entitled to a discounted membership to the Association for Professional Acupuncture in Pennsylvania, and can attend Institute professional and continuing education forums at a discount.

Program Details

Our Master of Acupuncture Studies program is an accredited three-year Master’s Degree program with three terms per year (fall, spring, and summer). New AcS students begin in the fall term only. Classes are held one evening and two full days during the week for the first two years, with the schedule changing slightly during the clinical internship.


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Clinical Internship

To Complete Full Time

Clinical Internship

Five Element Acupuncture & TRADITIONAL CHINESE Medicine

The Master of Acupuncture Studies program includes a clinical internship, which is one of the most important and unique parts of our program because it provides students with a place to immediately put acupuncture training into practice. AcS students spend the final four terms of our program completing a clinical internship where they have the opportunity to treat patients under the supervision of experienced acupuncture faculty members. The first two terms in our clinic are focused on implementing the 5 Elements of Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine treatment plans. During the final two terms, our AcS students focus on developing their own identity as acupuncturists and have the freedom to craft their own treatment regimens with guidance from our faculty. This experience gives our Master of Acupuncture Studies graduates the confidence they need to effectively treat patients in their own practice.

For additional information on how to become an Acupuncturist, check out this blog post.

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The Won Institute of Graduate Studies has partnered with Won Kwang University to offer a 10-day study abroad trip to South Korea. Current second and third year Acupuncture studies students along with licensed Acupuncturists are encouraged to participate in this trip. Click the button below to learn more about the benefits of participating in the upcoming study abroad trip to South Korea.