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Spring 2023

Won Buddhism: Teachings and Practices

Rev. Dosung Yoo and Rev. Bupkwang Lee

The course will begin on Thursday February 16th, 2023
Thursday evenings, 6-8 pm ET
10-weeks, 2 CEU
Course Fee: $600 


This course provides a comprehensive exploration of the fundamental doctrines and practices of Won Buddhism. The major objective is to assist students cultivate single-mindedness and strengthen the habit of everyday practice. Instructors encourage students to establish a great vow, to assist them on this path of self-discovery. Intentional goal setting will change the direction and purpose of our lives as well as shift deeply held values.

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About The Instructor

Rev. Dosung Yoo

Rev. Dosung Yoo is dedicated to modernizing Buddhist thought and tenets so that they are accessible and useful in enriching everyday life. Currently, Rev. Yoo is at the Won Dharma Center in upstate New York actively building a spiritual community in support of practitioners from various traditions to realize their inner life and peace. Through the interconnected oneness of this community, they strive to contribute to a more wholesome and enlightened world.
A teacher and lecturer of meditation, Buddhism, and the Won Buddhist dharma in the United States and in Korea, he is currently serving as the Retreat Director and a resident teacher at the Won Dharma Center in Claverack, New York; and, previously, at the Won Institute of Graduate Studies near Philadelphia.
He is a writer, editor, and translator: the author of Thunderous Silence: A Formula for Ending Suffering, a practical, contemporary guide to The Heart Sutra (Wisdom Publications, 2013); publisher and translator of The Method of Sitting Meditation from the Scriptures of Won Buddhism by His Holiness Chwasan (Won Media, 2018); and, an accomplished translator of Korean dharma teachings.
He was ordained a Kyomunim, a minister in the Won Buddhist Order, in 1994 and served as minister at the Seoul Meditation Center (1994-2000).
He has led retreats and taught meditation, Buddhism and Won Buddhist Dharma in Seoul, Korea, and throughout the United States. He served as a minister at the Won Buddhist Temple of Philadelphia and also taught at the Won Institute of Graduate Studies near Philadelphia, as well as at other Won Centers throughout North America.

About The Instructor

Rev. Bup Lee

Having a background in Buddhism, Rev. Bup Lee was drawn to heal the mind and body with Meditation practice and Oriental Medicine. After practicing Won Buddhism more than 10 years, he received a Bachelor and Masters degree in Won Buddhist Studies and became a ordained Won Buddhist Minister in 2008.
He also realized first hand that acupuncture and Oriental medicine bring balance to a person as a whole being – the body and the mind and the spirit. He contined studying Oriental Medicine and earned a master degree and a PhD in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with an emphasis in integrative oriental medicine.
He also has pursued the practice of meditation for over 20 years and Tai Chi for 15 years. He offers Tai Chi Meditation Therapy to augment his clients’ healing, and provide them with tools to cultivate balance, beauty, and connection to spirit in their lives. Since his first experience in teaching Taichi and medtitation in 2005, he has guided various meditative programs in university, meditation center and community service center settings. He is currently teaching Tai Chi at Denver City Recreation Centers and many other senior centers.

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