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Fall 2022


Instructor: Rev. Ginger Lee

The course will begin on October 22, 2022
Thursday evenings, 6-8 pm ET
10-weeks, 2 CEU
Course Fee: $600 

Registration ends October 15,2022

During the 10 week-course, the study group will inquire into the essence of the Won Buddhist teachings as presented in the “Practice” chapter of the Scripture of the Founding Master, Sotaesan. Participants exploring this chapter will access the essential teachings of Won Buddhism, such as the Threefold Study, Timeless and Placeless Meditation, and the principles of our spiritual practice. Through contemplation, discussion, and open sharing, each gathering will broaden our perspective and understanding of the dharma that are applicable to daily life.

The Won Institute is offering 30%-50% scholarships. The WBS Learn admin will conduct a brief interview to determine your financial need and your intentions for taking the course. Apply for a scholarship.


About The Instructor

Rev. Ginger Lee

Rev. Ginger was ordained as a Won Buddhist priest in 2006. During her novice training, she served at the Won Buddhist temples in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and in Swaziland, Africa. Rev. Ginger completed her undergraduate training at YoungSan University, South Korea, and received her master’s degree in Won Buddhist Studies at the Won Institute of Graduate Studies in Philadelphia. In 2012, Rev. Ginger was assigned to the Won Buddhist temples in North Carolina, where she led adult and children’s temple services, meditation workshops, and dharma study groups. In 2019, Rev. Ginger hiked the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain, and shared her experiences with people in inspirational dharma talks. After serving in  NC for 9 years, she was assigned in 2021 to the Won Dharma Center, where she continues her dharma work as a retreat coordinator. 
Rev. Ginger has 16 years of experience and training in Qi-gong and Tai-chi, and incorporates these forms of moving meditation into retreats and other programs. In August 2022, she offered her second retreat at the Southern Dharma Retreat Center in Asheville, NC. 

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