President Statement on Sexual Misconduct


Dear Members of the Won Institute Community,

With the current national dialogue on sexual harassment and discrimination, the emergence of the unprecedented #metoo movement seeking support and justice, and the numerous revelations of sexual misconduct by powerful individuals across the country, I want to clearly state that Won Institute has zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination and harassment. We take discrimination and harassment complaints very seriously. Our institute is committed to responding promptly, vigorously, and effectively once notified of any complaint of discrimination or harassment, and forbids retaliation against any individual who comes forward with a good-faith complaint.

I urge any member of the Won community who has experienced discrimination or harassment to contact our Title IX administrator, Frederick Ranallo-Higgins at, or contact any of our senior management.

Please review our policies on Non-Discrimination and Sexual Harassment in the various student and staff manuals. Violation of these policies by any member of the Won community is unacceptable. Our commitment includes reviewing and updating the policies as needed, and we are currently discussing training methods to help educate our community and address these issues. We strive to create an environment in which incidents are prevented entirely or surfaced and addressed appropriately and effectively.

We hope that all members of our community are sensitive and alert in ways that can help avoid and prevent sexual harassment. If you have experienced or witnessed sexual harassment or discrimination, come forward. Our Title IX Administrator will offer assistance and options for seeking relief and filing a formal complaint.

We must speak when we see wrongdoing, and we must support one another. We envision a Won Institute where all people realize their full potential unhindered – we demand no less.

Bokin Kim President


Title IX Statement

The Won Institute of Graduate Studies seeks to cultivate and maintain a community of mutual respect and concern for all of its members. All acts of sex/gender-based harassment, discrimination, and misconduct completely violate the terms of that community and violate the essential dignity of its members. These acts constitute the deepest affront to Won Institute standards and will not be tolerated in any form.

All members of our community – students (current and applicants), faculty, staff, board members, applicants for employment, persons doing business with or acting on behalf of the Won Institute, and visitors – are protected under the Won Institute ofGraduate Studies Sex/Gender-based Harassment, Discrimination, & Misconduct Policyand share in responsibility for creating and maintaining an environment that promotes the safety and dignity of each person. Toward that end, institute policy provides the framework for investigating, eliminating, preventing recurrence, and remedying the effects of sex/gender-based harassment, discrimination, and misconduct.

Pursuant to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (Title IX), Won Institute prohibits all forms of sexual harassment, including sexual assault and other forms of sexual misconduct. Any person found responsible for such violations will face disciplinary actions up to and including dismissal or expulsion from the institute. Acts of sexual assault or sexual misconduct may also be prosecuted under the Pennsylvania Criminal Code. This policy applies to all on-site conduct, as well as any off-site conduct that has an adverse impact on any member of the Won Institute community or the institute. Please refer to the full Won Institute policy for a complete outline of prohibited conduct and sanctions and for an outline of the Pennsylvania Criminal Code regarding sexual misconduct.

Should an incident of sex/gender-based harassment, discrimination, or misconduct occur, the institute has specific reporting procedures and offers support so that a person does not need to face the effects of such an incident alone. The first concern is for the safety, health, and well-being of those affected. Confidential and non-confidential (yet private) options for support and reporting are available both on and off campus.

All members of the Won Institute community have an obligation to assist in preventing sex/gender-based harassment, discrimination, and misconduct. Responsibilities include:

participating in periodic training to learn how to recognize and report concerns

1. conducting themselves in a manner that does not violate this policy

2. intervening when possible to prevent harassment of another

3. reporting incidents and assisting victims to report

4. respecting the privacy rights and confidentiality rights of those involved

5. cooperating in Won Institute investigative and disciplinary procedures

When an incident of sex/gender-based misconduct is reported, the institute will respond with a thorough, reliable, and impartial investigation through a prompt, effective, and equitable process that ends the harassment, discrimination, or misconduct, prevents its recurrence, and remedies the effects upon the reporter and the Won Institute community.

Anyone making a report or participating in the investigation or resolution of an allegation of sex/gender-based misconduct is protected by law and Won Institute policy from retaliation. The institute will take prompt responsive action to all reports of retaliation.

The Won Institute has a Title IX Administrator who oversee all its efforts to prevent sex/gender-based harassment, discrimination, and misconduct, to respond promptly and equitably to instances of sexual misconduct, and to foster a climate of sex/gender-based respect.

The Title IX Administrator for the Won Institute of Graduate Studies is located on the 2nd floor of the institute:

Frederick M. Ranallo-Higgins
215-884-8942 x218
[email protected]

The full Won Institute of Graduate Studies Sex/Gender-based Harassment, Discrimination, & Misconduct Policy is available through links on this page or obtained directly from the Title IX Administrator. All questions regarding Won Institute Title IX policy should be directed to the Title IX Administrator.

How & When to Report an Incident of Sex/gender-based Harassment, Discrimination, or other Misconduct

All members of the Won Institute community (unless required to maintain confidentiality by law) are expected to report information about any incident of sex/gender-based harassment, discrimination, or misconduct involving a student, staff, or faculty member, regardless of where and when the incident happened. Specifically, all employees (except for confidential resources) have been designated as “responsible employees” and must report any and all incidents to the Title IX Administrator, regardless of whether or not the person witnessed the incident or learned of it through the complainant or a third party.

Won Institute is committed to supporting the rights of a person reporting an incident of sex/gender-based harassment, discrimination, or misconduct to make an informed choice among options and services available. Reporters have the option to, and are encouraged to, notify law enforcement in the case of sexual assault. This includes notifying the police department with jurisdiction, and to file a simultaneous criminal and institute complaint. It also includes receiving assistance from Won Institute in making the report. Reporters may also decline to notify campus or law enforcement officials.

Won Institute will respond to all reports in an integrated, consistent manner that treats each person with dignity and respect and will take prompt responsive action to end the misconduct, prevent its recurrence, and address its effects.

Submission of a good-faith report under this policy will not affect a reporter’s employment, grades, academic standing, or work assignments. However, a person found to have made a false report, or to have knowingly and willingly given false information during an investigation, will be subject to disciplinary action. A good-faith report that is not substantiated does not constitute a false report.

Making a Report

To make a report, a person has several options.

To initiate a criminal complaint through law enforcement, contact:

Law Enforcement 911
Cheltenham Police Department 215-885-1600

To initiate a Title IX (administrative) complaint through Won Institute, contact:

Frederick M. Ranallo-Higgins 215-884-8942 x218
Title IX Administrator [email protected]

Anonymous Reporting: Although the Won Institute encourages a reporter to talk with the Title IX Administrator directly, the institute does provide a completely anonymous online reporting option through the institute’s website, located on the Title IX resource page. This report will prompt an initial assessment and/or may result in an investigation. However, Won Institute’s ability to respond effectively may be limited by the level of information provided and/or the anonymity of the report. All anonymous reports are referred directly to the Title IX Administrator.

Any person may report an incident of sex/gender-based harassment, discrimination, or misconduct. Reports may be pursued through the criminal process and/or through Won Institute disciplinary process consecutively or concurrently.

Won Institute provides a confidential resource who is outside the official reporting channels. Any community member may seek confidential advice and counseling, including about sex/gender-based harassment, discrimination, or other sexual misconduct, by speaking to the Dharma Chaplain. Note: Confidentiality will be maintained by the Dharma Chaplain under all circumstances except when there is an immediate threat of serious harm to a person or the Won Institute community. This means that, in many circumstances, the Dharma Chaplain is not required to report any information to anyone without permission.

Dharma Chaplain 215-884-2942 x211
Hojin Park [email protected]

Won Institute encourages people to seek immediate medical treatment when needed and to make a prompt report to law enforcement in response to an incident of sexual assault or other sexual misconduct in order to address immediate safety concerns, allow for the preservation of evidence, and trigger a prompt investigative and remedial response. When the incident is reported to an employee, the Won Institute will help the person get to a safe place and assist the reporter in seeking immediate medical attention or in reporting an allegation to law enforcement. Won Institute will provide transportation to the hospital, assist with notification of law enforcement, and provide information about resources and the institute complaint process. Won Institute will also provide appropriate interim measures, as needed, to help ensure the safety and well-being of the parties affected.

Contact information for medical care is as follows:

Abington Memorial Hospital 215-452-5216

Philadelphia Sexual Assault Response Center 215-425-1625

Women’s Center of Montgomery County 800-773-2424

Won Institute is committed to protecting the privacy of all people involved in a report of sex/gender-based harassment, discrimination, or misconduct. Information related to a report will be kept private by the institute unless disclosure is required by law; thus, it will be shared only with those institute officials with a legitimate interest in order to assist in helping the reporter to safety, to assist in getting medical attention, or in the investigation and/or in the resolution of the matter. Under no circumstances will the institute release the name of reporters to the general public without the express consent of the reporter.

Whenever a report of sex/gender-based harassment, discrimination, or misconduct is made, Won Institute has an obligation to take steps to ensure it is providing a safe, non-discriminatory environment for all members of the Won Institute community. If a reporter discloses an experience of sexual misconduct and requests that no further investigation into a particular incident be conducted or disciplinary action taken, the institute will weigh the reporter’s request against its obligation to provide a safe and non-discriminatory environment for the Won Institute community.

The following local and national hotlines are also available for assistance::

Women’s Center of Montgomery County

Victims Services Center of Montgomery County

Women Organized Against Rape

Women Against Abuse Hotline

National Sexual Assault Hotline

National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (LGBT)


Drug-Free School & Workplace Statement

In compliance with the Drug-free Workplace Act of 1988, it is the policy of Won Institute of Graduate Studies to maintain a drug-free workplace and campus.

Drug & Alcohol Policies

Under the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1991, the Institute is required to notify all employees and students of its specific alcohol and drug policy. The Institute is committed to a drug-free workplace and a drug-free learning environment. The full Won Institute of Graduate Studies Drug-Free School & Workplace Policyis available on the Won Institute website.


The use of narcotics, dangerous drugs, and controlled substances without a prescription on institute premises, as elsewhere, is illegal. Won Institute prohibits the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, sale, possession, or use of any drug by any of its employees or students in its workplace, on its premises, or as part of any of its activities. In addition, the Won Institute may also, under appropriate circumstances in the institute’s discretion, discipline its employees or students in response to the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, sale, possession, or use of any drug outside its workplace or off its campus premises.

Won Institute does not allow any form of drug paraphernalia on property owned or controlled by the Institute. Any student or employee found in possession of drug paraphernalia (bongs, pipes, rolling papers, hookahs, grinders, scales, etc.) will be in violation of this policy.

Each Won Institute employee will, as a condition of employment, abide by the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988. Pursuant to the Act, any employee engaged in the performance of a federal grant or contract is required to notify his or her supervisor no later than five days after any conviction under a criminal drug statute for a violation that occurred in the workplace. When a supervisor is notified by an employee of such a conviction, they shall immediately notify the institute’s director of administration. The director of administration will notify the chief administrative officer who will report it to any appropriate federal agency within ten (10) days of receiving notice of such conviction.

Refer to the Won Institute of Graduate Studies Drug-Free School & Workplace Policy for the complete policy on Drugs.


Won Institute permits the lawful keeping and consumption, in moderation, of alcoholic beverages on its property or property under its control by persons of legal drinking age (21 years or older), as described in the full policy.

While persons of legal age may choose to possess and consume alcoholic beverages, they are expected to do so consistent with the concept of responsible and moderate consumption. Won Institute will not tolerate abusive or dangerous consumption or any disruptive or disorderly conduct related to the excessive consumption of alcohol either on or off the campus.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages or possession of open containers of alcoholic beverages in public places, including hallways, lounges, buildings, outdoor spaces, or anywhere on Won Institute grounds without authorization from appropriate officials is prohibited. Alcoholic beverages may not be possessed or consumed in classrooms, administrative areas, or clinics without authorization from appropriate Won Institute officials.

Refer to the Won Institute of Graduate Studies Drug-Free School & Workplace Policyfor a complete list of prohibited conduct related to alcohol.


Criminal enforcement for violations of federal, state or local laws may be conducted by local, state, or federal authorities, on or off campus. In addition, any Won Institute student or employee who violates this policy or is convicted under a criminal drug or alcohol statute for a violation occurring on or outside the workplace or campus premises will be subject to the Won Institute disciplinary procedures which impose sanctions up to and including expulsion or termination from employment, and/or referral for prosecution. Students or employees may be required to participate satisfactorily in a drug abuse assistance or rehabilitation program.

Unlawful possession, use, manufacture, or distribution of alcohol or illicit drugs may lead to a referral to the appropriate local, state, and/or federal authorities for prosecution for a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the nature of the offense. The sanctions for such offenses may include fines and/or imprisonment. Violations will lead to termination of any Title IV funds a student is receiving.

The Won Institute Drug-Free School & Workplace Policy contains a complete list of local, state, and federal penalties and sanctions.

Health Risks


Alcohol consumption causes a number of marked changes in behavior. Even low doses significantly impair the judgment and coordination required to drive a car safely, increasing the likelihood that the driver will be involved in an accident. Low to moderate doses of alcohol also increase the incidence of a variety of aggressive acts, including spouse and child abuse. Moderate to high doses of alcohol cause marked impairments in higher mental functions, severely altering a person’s ability to learn and remember information. Very high doses cause respiratory depression and death. If combined with other depressants of the central nervous system, much lower doses of alcohol will produce the effects just described.

Persons under the influence of alcohol are also at higher risk to become perpetrators or victims of crime, abuse or sexual assault. Such persons might also manifest behaviors that violate Won Institute’s employment policies and procedures or the Code of Conduct, leaving the employee or student open to sanctions or disciplinary actions that could include termination or expulsion from the institute.

Repeated use of alcohol can lead to dependence. Sudden cessation of alcohol intake is likely to produce withdrawal symptoms, including severe anxiety, tremors, hallucinations, and convulsions. Alcohol withdrawal can be life-threatening. Long-term consumption of large quantities of alcohol, particularly when combined with poor nutrition, can also lead to permanent damage to vital organs such as the brain and the liver.

Mothers who drink alcohol during pregnancy may give birth to infants with fetal alcohol syndrome. These infants may have irreversible physical abnormalities and intellectual disability. In addition, research indicates that children of alcoholic parents are at greater risk than other children of becoming alcoholics.


For a summary description of the health risks associated with controlled substances see the chart based on the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency guide on drugs of abuse in Appendix B of the full policy entitled “Controlled Substances – Uses and Effects.”

Sources of Assistance

The Institute encourages individuals with alcohol or other drug-related problems to seek assistance. The Academic Dean is available for coordinating the assistance. They can also provide employees or students with additional information on local, state, and national resources for those seeking assistance.

Cigarette Smoking Policy

The premises of the Won Institute shall remain a smoke-free environment. The only exception permitted is the therapeutic use of moxibustion in the AcS and CHP program classes and acupuncture clinics, and the use of incense or candles in the meditation classrooms.



Won Institute of Graduate Studies maintains student education records in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, Public Law 93-380, as amended. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records.

Click here for the full Won Institute of Graduate Studies FERPA Policy. All questions regarding Won Institute FERPA Policy should be directed to the Registrar.

Student Rights

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords eligible students certain rights with respect to their education records. These rights include:

  • The right to inspect and review the student’s education records within 45 days of the day Won Institute of Graduate Studies receives a request for access. For a definition of Education Records, see the full Won Institute of Graduate Studies FERPA Policy.

  • The right to request the amendment of the student’s education records that the student believes are inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise in violation of the student’s privacy rights under FERPA.

  • The right to provide written consent before Won Institute of Graduate Studies discloses personally identifiable information (PII) from the student’s education records, except to the extent FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent.

  • The right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education concerning alleged failures by the Won Institute of Graduate Studies to comply with the requirements of FERPA. The name and address of the office that administers FERPA is: Family Policy Compliance Office, U.S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20202.


Disclosures Without Consent

FERPA permits the disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from students’ education records, without consent of the student, if the disclosure meets certain conditions found in § 99.31 of the FERPA regulations. An overview of Disclosures without Consent can be found in the full Won Institute of Graduate Studies FERPA Policy.


Directory Information

Directory information is information contained in the education records of a student that would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed. Won Institute of Graduate Studies may disclose directory information without prior written consent unless notified in writing to the contrary. Won Institute of Graduate Studies is not responsible for directory information released prior to a directory hold being placed. Directory Information includes: name, address, telephone number, date of birth, e-mail address, dates of attendance, major field of study, name of most recent previous school attended, participation in officially recognized activities, photograph, awards, honors, degree(s) conferred, date of graduation, full or part-time status.


Currently enrolled students have the opportunity to withhold disclosure of all categories above under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. Won Institute of Graduate Studies will not partially withhold this information, so students are advised to think carefully before withholding disclosure. To withhold disclosures, written notification must be delivered to the Registrar’s Office.

Additional Information

Click here for the full Won Institute of Graduate Studies FERPA Policy. All questions regarding Won Institute FERPA Policy should be directed to the Registrar.

Further information about FERPA can be found on the web site of the Department of Education:

Contact Title IX Administrator

Frederick Ranallo-Higgins

[email protected]


Anonymous Reporting

An anonymous report will prompt an initial assessment and/or may result in an investigation. However, Won Institute’s ability to respond effectively may be limited by the level of information provided and/or the anonymity of the report. All anonymous reports are referred directly to the Title IX Administrator.

Read Our Full Title IX Policy


Read Our Full Drug-Free School & Workplace Policy


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