Dedicated to the deep conviction that spiritual cultivation is necessary to balance material and technological advances, we take you beyond the heart, blood and bone to the very core of your being.

Whether you come here to study, to be healed in our acupuncture clinics or to experience the personal transformation that the radical stillness of meditation provides, we honor your whole being. We offer life-changing advanced study opportunities in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Won Buddhist Studies. Each and every academic program rests on the foundation of building the skills of attention and intention with the integration of meditation. In bringing you a fascinating range of programs that will activate and enliven your health, thinking, creativity and humor, our goal is to enhance your ability to live from your core. Encouraged by our conviction, we continue to shape our unique programs, and are making history in the process. No graduate school in Pennsylvania has ever offered educational programs quite like these. The Won Institute of Graduate Studies is the only degree-granting institution in the nation offering graduate training in the practical application of meditation to occupations in spirituality and the healing arts. We also strive to make the Institute a place where everyone can come together in a spirit of community and learning.  


Won Buddhist Studies Programs - Fall 2024 Final Deadline 8/1