Growth With Integrity

Won Institute of Graduate Studies is a specialized graduate school offering master’s degrees, 
doctorate degrees, and graduate certificates that encourage personal development
and professional achievement.

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At the Won Institute of Graduate Studies, we are committed to providing students with a world-class education in an innovative, supportive learning environment. Whether you’re interested in our academic programs or clinics, take a virtual tour of our new Global Dharma Building and explore all that we have to offer. 

Personal Development. Professional Achievement

Specialized graduate school offering doctorate degrees, master’s degrees, and certificate programs

Meditation is a core class taught in all programs 

On-site clinical internships & Chinese herbal dispensary

Behind The Scenes

Footage from Won Institute of Graduate Studies’ exclusive documentary film, “Behind The Scenes with Lawrence Fishburne”. This segment features students and faculty working together in one of the nation’s most respected acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine graduate programs. It also provides viewers with a sense of acupuncture’s role in complementing traditional western biomedical approaches to patient care, specifically highlighting pain management and recovery.

The Won Experience

As students at Won, we have the good fortune to have been exposed to a variety of traditions which we can draw from and integrate into our own personal approach to healing with acupuncture

Taissa Kira, M.Ac, L.Ac,
Class of 2016
The Won Institute provided me a very comprehensive education. The faculty and the environment of the Won are very nurturing and instilled within us the confidence to go forth and become more competent and confident clinicians of acupuncture. The curriculum satisfied my intellectual curiosity of Chinese medicine as well as cultivated my personal growth through meditation and Tai Chi.
Steve O, M.Ac., L.Ac.,
Class of 2010
I want to thank the Won Institute for the opportunity to have economical acupuncture treatments from your students supervised by faculty. Such a variety of different treatments by skilled practitioners has helped me so much with my physical pain and healing as well as my mental and emotional health. I highly recommend Won Institute in every way. Nancy, Student Clinic Patient
Person holding someone else's hand in support
Student Clinic Patient


March 2023