Won Institute School & Clinics Closed

Effective Friday, March 13, reopening Monday, May 4. For immediate acupuncture clinic treatment options please click here to find an acupuncturist nearest you.

Admissions Counselors continue to be available via email Monday-Friday at [email protected]

We're On The Move in 2021

New Location Coming in 2021

Won institute Meditation Series

A Special Prayer For Our Won Community

During this global crisis, we may be experiencing frustration, uncertainty, and fear. These are natural emotions that arise during times of collective crisis. However, through prayer may we cultivate wisdom and compassion towards ourselves, our family, friends, and fellow beings.

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The Won Experience

As students at The Won, we have the good fortune to have been exposed to a variety of traditions which we can draw from and integrate into our own personal approach to healing with acupuncture
Taissa Kira, M.Ac, L.Ac,
Class of 2016
The Won Institute provided me a very comprehensive education. The faculty and the environment of the Won are very nurturing and instilled within us the confidence to go forth and become more competent and confident clinicians of acupuncture. The curriculum satisfied my intellectual curiosity of Chinese medicine as well as cultivated my personal growth through meditation and Tai Chi.
Steve O, M.Ac., L.Ac.,
Class of 2010
I want to thank the Won Institute for the opportunity to have economical acupuncture treatments from your students supervised by faculty. Such a variety of different treatments by skilled practitioners has helped me so much with my physical pain and healing as well as my mental and emotional health. I highly recommend Won Institute in every way. Nancy, Student Clinic Patient
Student Clinic Patient