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This Won Institute’s Continuing Education page is a resource for helping individuals advance their knowledge and skills across various integrative topics. Our mission is to provide high-quality educational opportunities that support personal and professional growth, fostering full-circle learning and advancement. Whether you want to deepen your expertise in holistic health, acupuncture, meditation, or other complementary therapies, the Won Institute offers a range of courses, including e-learning options, designed to enrich your understanding and practice. As a go-to resource for practitioners, we provide CEU credits to help you meet your professional requirements. With new courses added throughout the year, join us in our commitment to lifelong learning and discover new ways to enhance your career and well-being.

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Treatment of Anxiety with Chinese Medicine

The course will discuss the aetiology, pathology and treatment of anxiety in depth. The treatments suggested for each pattern will include both acupuncture and herbs.

Instructor: Giovanni Maciocia | 15 CEUs


The Pathology of Cancer in Chinese Medicine

This course covers the Pathology of Cancer in Chinese Medicine and Cancer Support During Chemo and Radiotherapy. Treatment principles from an acupuncture and Herbal perspective. Considerations discussed when treating during chemotherapy therapy.

Instructor: Giovanni Maciocia | 15 CEUs


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We welcome collaboration opportunities to expand our offerings and reach more learners. Whether you are an educator, practitioner, or healer, partnering with us means joining a community dedicated to advancing integrative health and holistic practices.

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