For 11 days you will have the ability to learn more about
Traditional Korean Medicine and Culture!

Upcoming Trip July 15th - July 26th, 2024 

Why study abroad in South Korea?

This study abroad course offers students the opportunity to broaden their understanding of Traditional Korean Medicine and South Korea’s culture. For 11 days, participants visit Wonkwang University for lectures given by faculty members on this ancient practice before embarking on excursions to explore hospitals in different regions within the country. The journey culminates at Seoul – an unforgettable experience that will stay with them upon returning home!

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What is Included?

Accommodations and Meals

  • 3 meals each day
  • Air conditioned dorm room at Wonkwang University with WIFI
  • WIFI Hot spot all through the day
  • Room on one of the Excursions to Hospital
  • Last night Hotel Room in Downtown Seoul before next day take off.


  • Awarded TKM Certificate From Wonkwang University Medical School 
  • 2  credits (60 Transcript Hours) from TKM Elective
  • 25-30 NCCAOM PDAs (Pending) for Licensed Acupuncturists


  • Daily Meditation Session with Buddhist Priest – Sitting and Walking, In Gardens, Parks, and Main Hall at International Center
  • Meeting with Won Buddhist Dharma leader
  • Tour of International Won Buddhist Headquarters
  • Tour and Lectures at 3 Traditional Medical Hospitals
  • Lectures at Wonkwang Medical School
  • Tour of Seoul on last day of trip


What and where is the opportunity?

  • Eleven day study abroad trip to Wonkwang University in Iksan, South Korea.

Who is eligible for this study abroad opportunity?

  •  Any second or third year Acupuncture program student who is in good academic standing and has a valid passport with no travel limitations. All didactic and clinical requirements for the summer term must be completed prior to the trip. Licensed acupuncturists may also attend for NCCAOM PDA credits. 

When is the trip?

  • Eleven days during each summer term (in July).

How are students selected?

  • From the group of interested eligible students, ten names are chosen randomly and anonymously by the Academic Dean each year during the Spring term.

What will be studied?

  •  Traditional Korean Medicine (TKM) including acupuncture and herbs. Study will include time in the classroom and hospital. Sight seeing and cultural events may also be part of the trip.

What will be provided on the trip? 

  • Room, board, meals and tuition expenses. Airfare is NOT covered and is the responsibility of each student. 

How much money should you bring to study abroad in South Korea?

  • We recommend bringing $400-$500 for spending money and for any sightseeing trips.

Can Federal Financial Aid be used to cover trip costs?

  • This can be done in most cases.  Currently enrolled Won Institute students should contact the Director of Financial Aid at [email protected] to discuss options for receiving federal funds to cover trip costs.  Students attending another institution need to contact the Financial Aid Office at their school to see if the trip costs can be accommodated in their school’s Cost of Attendance budget.  Only currently matriculated students can be considered for Financial Aid so there is no aid available for alumni.

Course / Trip Costs

$1,050 ($525/credit) + $250 for term fees + $2,350 for study abroad fees (room, board & excursions).

Airfare is not included, and must be purchased separately.

Register Now

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  2. Have official copies of your transcripts from your Bachelor’s degree and Acupuncture program sent to [email protected]. If you already sent in your transcripts to apply to an academic program, you do NOT need to resend them. Once the above items are received, your application will be reviewed by the Admissions Office prior to registration.

See What Students Have To Say About The Trip

The trip to South Korea was a once in a lifetime experience for me. I am so grateful that I was able to attend the trip. From the people, to the medicine, to the food: everything was phenomenal!

Charles Illingworth, ACS Class of 2018

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