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Colleen O'Connell

Colleen O’ Connell Memoriam

Our Won Institute Founder, Senior Member, and dearest friend, Colleen O’Connell, passed away on December 28, 2021. Over the last 22 years of her life,

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a diagram showing the five elements of the earth fire wood water and metal

Five Elements

In this article: The back bone of Traditional Chinese Medicine consists of a philosophy that’s been reborn over and over again throughout China’s long and

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It's a good choice... you get a good taste of all these different aspects of the medicine, it's a really comfortable kind of tight knit community and I’ve had a really good experience.


As students at The Won, we have the good fortune to have been exposed to a variety of traditions which we can draw from and integrate into our own personal approach to healing with acupuncture.


The Won Institute provided me a very comprehensive education. The faculty and the environment of the Won are very nurturing and instilled within us the confidence to go forth and become more competent and confident clinicians of acupuncture.

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