Pictured (left to Right) : Lorna Lee, Lori Nonnemaker, Joceyln F., Tina McElvarr

On May 30th, Master of Acupuncture Studies student, Jocelyn F. was awarded a $1000 Pay A BUCK Forward Grant by the Buck Cancer Foundation. This award was funded by a legacy donation made by Stephen T. McElvarr, who passed away from cancer in December 2018. Stephen’s sister accompanied the foundation’s president Lori Nonnemaker, to present the award to Jocelyn.

Jocelyn, who works with the Nutritional Wellness Center in Palmyra, New Jersey has a passion for Reiki which complements her ongoing education at the Won institute. When asked why she applied for the Pay A BUCK forward grant, her response was “I heard of it being interested in integrative medicine, and also with helping people going through cancer, because I had a best friend who passed away, so I definitely have an interest in helping people who are going through that.”

Joceyln Receives Pay a BUCK Forward Grant

The Pay A BUCK Forward educational grant program is a terrific opportunity for students currently enrolled or enrolling in a program that focuses on integrative cancer treatments. The program covers a student’s tuition and fees and is available up to $5,000. The Pay A BUCK Forward Grant has a unique structure as a Giving Back Grant Program where upon graduation and employment, the student will begin to repay a set percentage of their salary to the Foundation so a grant can be provided to another round of students. This percentage varies with their salary and therefore does not put the student into debt!

To learn more about The Buck Cancer Foundation and other grant opportunities, click here.

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