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Breast ultrasound screening

Breast Ultrasound Screening | Partnered with HerScan

Won Institute is hosting a 1- day HerScan mobile breast ultrasound screening event. Early detection is key, as ultrasound screenings are capable of detecting cancers that cannot be found by mammography and physical exams alone. Sometimes mammograms and physical exams just are not enough, particularly in women with dense breasts.

Monday, June 17th, 2024 | All Appointments Are Between 8am – 4pm

Cost: $285 (a value of up to $1100)

Your HerScan screening includes: a scan of both breasts with the axilla (underarm area), radiologist reading fee, and electronic access to your report. All scans are performed by highly experienced RDMS sonographers & board certified radiologists with state of the art equipment.

Each scan is…
  • 20 MINUTES

To schedule your appointment and submit payment: please visit www.herscan.com/registration/ or call 1-800-338-7499

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Disclaimer: Won Institute is only hosting the event, please direct all questions relating to appointment availability, payment information, insurance / HSA, ultrasound results, and all other questions to HerScan Ultrasound Screening professionals. 

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