Won Student Highlight —Jessica Weaver

  Jessica Weaver giving acupuncture in student clinic   In her 20s, and living in San Diego, third-year Won Institute student Jessica Weaver was familiar with acupuncture. But it wasn’t until many years later, as an adult, that she decided … Continued

Meet Our Alumni – Lt. Saejong IIduk Kim

  The Won Institute is proud to announce that the first female Reserve Buddhist chaplain commissioned into the US Navy is a Won Buddhist Studies graduate – Lt. Saejeong Ilduk Kim! As the first female Reserve Buddhist chaplain, Lt. Kim … Continued

Meet Our Students – Julie Ebers

For third year student, Julie Ebers, acupuncture is more than a career, it changed her life. Julie was 16 years old after being struck in the head playing field hockey, injuring her skull and leaving her with permanent nerve damage … Continued