Lt. Saejong IIduk Kim

The Won Institute is proud to announce that the first female Reserve Buddhist chaplain commissioned into the US Navy is a Won Buddhist Studies graduate – Lt. Saejeong Ilduk Kim!

As the first female Reserve Buddhist chaplain, Lt. Kim (WBS 2006) has a great opportunity to meet and support people who are in need. By balancing the roles of officer and clergy in the Navy she hopes to bring harmony, peace and personal development within all the faiths practiced by the military community.  Lt. Kim explained that her unique experiences will help understand each individual’s differences by communicating openness, which will allow her to connect with her fellow naval officers and Sailors.
“As a Reserve Navy chaplain, I can bring Buddhist spirituality to service members,” said Lt. Kim. “My expectations would also be to support Navy family members suffering from stress and intra-family differences.”
Lt. Kim chose the Los Angles Won Buddhist temple for her commissioning ceremony to incorporate her religious culture with military tradition. “I want to share this special moment with my congregation,” said Lt. Kim. “I feel honored and humbled…I am grateful for the opportunity to serve, excited for the new journey and curious about the path I am taking.”


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