The primary purpose of the Alumni Association Volunteer Administrator position is to create a new Won Institute Alumni Association by forming the Steering Committee to elect the founding officers. The new Alumni Association’s elected President will provide representation for alumni within the Won Institution and be responsible for the organization of a yearly alumni event. The Administrator will assist the Association President in carrying out their duties.

Time: Yearly appointment (maximum of 2 years)

JOB TITLE: Alumni Association Volunteer Administrator

REPORTS TO: Marketing & Development, Board of Trustees Alumni Representative

COORDINATES: Formation of Alumni Association Steering Committee; Initial voting-in of founding Alumni Association officers.

COMPENSATION: $2,000.00 yearly stipend; $1,000.00 expense budget 


The Alumni Association Volunteer Administrator will provide administrative support and coordination for the formation of the Won Institute Alumni Association. The Administrator will be charged with contacting alumni, identifying interested parties, and organizing an initial steering committee of alumni representatives from all programs. The Administrator will form, organize, and facilitate the initial meetings of the steering committee, which will result in the selection of the Founding Alumni Association Officers. Once formed, the Alumni Association will facilitate the organization of a yearly event with the assistance of the Alumni Association Volunteer Administrator.

Responsibilities include the following:

  • With the direction of Marketing & Development and the Board of Trustees Alumni Representative, the Administrator performs administrative duties including but not limited to: contacting alumni from all current and past programs, communicating with the registrar regarding alumni records, updating contact information, formation of the Steering Committee, setting meetings, and miscellaneous related administrative tasks.
  • Development of an Alumni Association Charter and By-Laws
  • Management of and record keeping for the expense budget
  • Off-site meetings as needed by the Steering Committee
  • Several on-site meetings
  • Bi-monthly email updates submitted to Marketing & Development and the Board of Trustees Alumni Representative

Qualifications & Skills

Qualified applicants must be Won Institute Alumni from any program. Applicants should possess strong organizational skills, project management skills, and the ability to work independently with no supervision. Interested parties may submit a letter of interest to the Board of Trustees Alumni Representative Kalpana Patankar at [email protected].

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