Nick Dower is a 2012 graduate of the Acupuncture Studies program and a current second-year student in the Chinese Herbal Medicine Studies program. He was a lead chemist at a biochemical company researching nanotechnology and studied hapkido. His teacher introduced him to Chinese medicine which inspired him to study TCM.

After graduation, Nick founded his own acupuncture practice. In addition, Nick and his wife helped open and manage the new Holistic Therapy Center at Lancaster General Hospital alongside the hospital president.

The new holistic therapy center has made it easier and more convenient for patients undergoing treatment for cancer or recovering from surgery or childbirth to access holistic services directly. They now offer massage and acupuncture on an outpatient basis, payable out-of-pocket, with no physician referrals needed.

Nick’s personal practice, Ananda Integration, offers an array of services: acupuncture, bemer therapy, herbalism and apothecary, integrative health, mental health, and structural integration.

We believe that the implementation of appropriate restorative movement programs for our clients can create new visions and gives new meaning to life.  

Nick Dower

Nick Dower’s Practice
Ananda Integration
223B (back) West Walnut Street
Lancaster, PA 17603
Phone: (717) 283-7595

Lancaster General Health Suburban Pavilion
Holistic Therapy Center
2100 Harrisburg Pike
Lancaster, PA 17601
Office Phone: 717-544-3000

Battlefield Acupuncture 2-Day Continuing Education Course - 6/29 & 6/30