by Jacqueline Lacava L.OM, Dipl.OM

A Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine is ideal for licensed acupuncturists who want to improve the quality of their patients’ lives.

Students in Chinese herbal dispensary

As acupuncture has become more widely accepted, more top healthcare facilities are also embracing Chinese herbal medicine. A Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine is a common stepping stone and asset for practitioners especially as more states are requiring certification in order to practice.  

Adding Chinese herbal medicine to your practice can improve efficacy in the treatment of many common medical problems including respiratory diseases, digestion, mental disorders, heart disease, and fertility.

If you are considering adding herbs to your practice, here are three things you can expect of the Won Institute’s Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine program.

1) Leadership- The program is meant to create leaders in the field of Chinese medicine through fostering confidence in diagnosis and treatment planning. You are deepening your knowledge of internal medicine and physiology. 

2) A re-introduction to the classics– Our program starts with the historical timeline of Chinese medicine as you learn single herbs. You learn important theoretical concepts and a historical context from which you can build your knowledge of single herbs and formulas right from the beginning. 

3) Critical Thinking- In our biomedicine courses we bring students back to reading research geared toward assessing the quality and assimilating research outcomes into making our medicine even safer. A foundation in critical thinking makes better practitioners. 

How is this program unique?

The Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine program focuses on the therapeutic use of Chinese herbal medicine with an emphasis on classical and modern approaches to treatment. Our students develop an understanding of Chinese Herbology and medicine by learning the use of over 300 Chinese herbs and how to combine more than 100 common herbal formulas. In addition, meditation is incorporated into class time to enhance mindfulness in learning and clinical practice. To ensure our students are equipped to perfect their diagnosis and technical skills, they spend the final thirteen months of the program treating patients in the Won Institute’s Chinese Herbal Medicine Student Clinic using herbs from our on-site herbal dispensary. 

Want to improve the quality of your patients’ lives? Enroll today in our Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine Program