Mrs. Bokhyae Koh, long-time Board member of the Won Institute and Chair of the Finance Committee

On Sunday, April 28, Mrs. Bokhyae Koh, a long-time Board member of the Won Institute and Chair of the Finance Committee was honored with the title of Great Protector of the Dharma (DaeHoBŏp) at a Dharma Merit Conferment Ceremony during the Enlightenment Day service at the Won Buddhism of Philadelphia Temple in Glenside, PA.

Mrs Koh was honored for her dedication and service to Won Buddhism and the public through her works with the Won Community Center (WCSC). Because of her long term commitment to the cause of Won Buddhism, the Head Dharma Master, Jeon San from Won Buddhism headquarters in Iksan, South Korea sent her  “Congratulations on her Supreme Achievement.”

Enlightenment Day is considered the day Master Soteasan, the founder of Won Buddhism, attained enlightenment after many years of spiritual practice. Celebrated on April 28, Won Buddhist practitioners consider the day as a spiritual birthday of self-awareness offering the the chance to awaken and be born again spiritually.

The Enlightenment Day event at the Philadelphia Temple consist of meditation and prayer, a Dharma talk, culminating with the Dharma Merit Conferment ceremony for Mrs. Koh that featured remarks from Mrs. Koh’s family, live and taped remarks from Won Buddhist dignitaries, performances from traditional Korean drumming trio and the Won Institute Minister’s Choir as well as a lunch of Korean Food.

Under Mrs.Koh’s leadership, she created partnerships with community organizations, schools, universities, and volunteers to fulfill community needs, The WCSC provides free services in three areas: education, counseling and social work and has helped thousands of non-English speaking immigrants obtain citizenship, improve skills needed in the workforce, as well as providing academic, emotional, social and communicative assistance. The mission of WCSC is to nurture and empower low-income and/or low-English proficient men, women and families in the Glenside, Montgomery County community area to live more complete and healthy lives.

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