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The Golden Light Acupuncture “Residency Program” is a post-graduate training program for Licensed Acupuncturists looking to deepen their clinical skills while working with a team of experienced and collaborative practitioners, in a nourishing environment.

We are looking for a recent or soon-to-be graduate to join our team. We understand it will take time to get licensed and credentialed in NY.

Commitment: this is a 2-year program that will give a Licensed Acupuncturist an opportunity to work and grow in collaboration with a team of dedicated Acupuncturists. We are committed to the growth of the profession and to you as an individual/part of the team, and we are asking in exchange, you commit to two years at the practice.

Full time position: Approximately 40 hours per week working as Licensed Acupuncturist with hours included for on-site training and mentoring.

Guaranteed Salary + PTO + training

full details here:

Residency Program for Licensed Acupuncturist

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Fall 2024 Priority Deadline - March 1st