DBHIDS Conference Success Story

On Friday, April 27, The Won Institute Clinic participated in the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability Services Faith and Spiritual Affairs 12th Annual Conference. The purpose of this year’s conference was to increase awareness of programs and services for children, families … Continued

Namas Day Big Success!

On Saturday, April 21, The Won Institute was a participating sponsor of Namas Day, a day to bring together the wellness community, offering an opportunity to connect students, teachers, studios and wellness businesses in the Philadelphia area.  The Won Institute … Continued

K-Now Festival 2017

On Sunday, October 29, 2017 the Won Institute and Korean Culture Foundation presented a celebration of Korean arts and culture at the seventh annual K-NOW Festival, hosted by Nydia Han, a reporter from 6ABC. The event featured a diverse array … Continued

Meet Our Alumni – Lt. Saejong IIduk Kim

  The Won Institute is proud to announce that the first female Reserve Buddhist chaplain commissioned into the US Navy is a Won Buddhist Studies graduate – Lt. Saejeong Ilduk Kim! As the first female Reserve Buddhist chaplain, Lt. Kim … Continued