On Saturday, April 21, The Won Institute was a participating sponsor of Namas Day, a day to bring together the wellness community, offering an opportunity to connect students, teachers, studios and wellness businesses in the Philadelphia area.  The Won Institute booth offered information about acupuncture and free treatments to attendees.

Sofiya Sydoryak class of ‘20 , a student at the Won Institute was one of the attendees.

“The event gave me some much needed time to be with myself and to get away from the stressful life of being a student. I got to dance, breathe, move, meditate, and flow at this great event, really reconnecting with my inner stillness and light.”  

In addition, Kristen Otto, class of ’18 was there.

“I have not been doing yoga for quite some time, but this was my inspiration to get back to it!  I took some great classes and one that I really found to be helpful in the world of healing and acupuncture. It was the ipath restorative yoga class that integrated myofascial release and trigger points using yoga blocks and balls.  Whenever I walked by the Won table, there were always people trying acupuncture! What a wonderful day!”

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