Acupuncture promotes wellness and can assist in the healing of many disorders. The National
Institute of Health and the World Health Organization recognizes the efficacy of acupuncture
for the treatment of 43 common disorders, including:


Gastrointestional Disorders                     Pain Management

Chronic diarrhea                             Back,neck and shoulder
Constipation                          Chronic pain syndromes
Irritable Bowel Syndrome                      Supportive therapy relief from the unpleasant side effects of
Gastritis                                radiation and chemotherapy

Muscles,Joints and Nervous System     Emotional & Psychological Disorders

Arthritis                                                                                       Insomnia
Migraine                                                                                      Stress
Headaches                                                                                 Depression and anxiety
Neuralgia                                                                                    Addictions to alcohol and nicotine
Fibromyalgia                                                                              Drug addiction


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