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Acupuncturist/TCM Practitioner, Nationally Certified.

We seek an acupuncturist who has a passion for helping people, loves working as part of a group, is professional with good communications skills and has a passion for educating people about the benefits of their work.


Optional guaranteed flat fee of $900/week to start OR commission rate which is higher of $46-$49 per patient hour, per treatment room, based on new patient appointments of 1 1/2 hour and return appointments of 45 mins. This fee is multiplied by 1-3 depending on the number of patients the practitioner can effectively work with in one to three tx rooms per hour as the practitioner prefers). Quality care is our highest value. Returning visits can be scheduled for a one hour time frame of the practitioner prefers with pay adjustments. (Irene wanted me to take out the estimated salary. She thought that this got us in trouble and was confusing to people.) It seems more confusing to me without a salary.

*Additional Compensation*

We offer competitive pay, continued education reimbursement, retirement match at 2 years, bonuses in years with a profit, discounts on services, classes and health products, use of space to trade with colleagues and a great team with which to work and learn.

*Creative Wellness*

We are a 30 year old busy and growing integrative health center in East Lansing, MI, with an Acupuncturist, Chiropractors and Massage Therapists and well as health and wellness instructors. Creative Wellness is connected to the medical community and receives referrals from area physicians, pt’s, VA Hospitals and Nurse Case Managers for people who survived serious auto accidents and the general public. We participate in all insurances that cover Acupuncture. We employ a Marketing Director and Event Coordinator to help our staff build and maintain a clientele more quickly and administrative professionals to schedule appointments, take payments, process insurance and provide safety and insure our Covid-19 safety protocols 7 days and 6 nights per week. Masks are required and enforced in our health center. Visit our website at for further information about our health center and our Covid safety protocols.


Client needs include some evenings, some days as well as Fridays and Saturdays or Sundays.

*To Apply or for further information*

Please forward resume attention- Chris Reay

For further information please text Chris at 517-202-3346.

To apply for this job please visit

Apply Early! Priority Deadline for All Programs March 1!