Welcome to the Won Institute

The Won Institute of Graduate Studies is an accredited graduate school offering professional Master's Degree programs in Acupuncture Studies, Applied Meditation Studies, and Won Buddhist Studies. We also offer several certificate programs and have four on-site acupuncture clinics that operate six days per week.

At the Won Institute, we believe that personal development is an important part of the learning process. To foster this development, all of our programs include non-denominational sitting and moving meditation. This intensive focus on meditation helps create compassionate, competent meditation teachers and gives acupuncturists a profound tool for treating patients.

We pride ourselves on our diverse faculty, many of whom are also professional practitioners, business owners, and meditation practitioners. Combined with small class sizes, this truly makes the Won Institute a one-of-a-kind learning environment and a great place to go to school.

Celebrate with us!

We are very pleased to announce that we received the re-accreditation decision from the Accrediting Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. It reads: To reaffirm the programmatic accreditation of the Masters of Acupuncture Degree program effective February 11, 2015 for a seven-year period.

The Institute is committed to academic excellence in all of our programs and acknowledges the contributions of students, faculty, staff, and board in allowing us to offer the recognized education that leads to personal development and professional achievement.