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Won Buddhism: Teachings & Practices

Instructor: Rev.Dosung Yoo

MAY 6 – JULY 8 (10 WEEKS)/ 2 CEU

This course is an in-depth inquiry into the essential teachings and practices of Won Buddhism. The primary goal is to help students develop single-mindedness and strengthen the habit of consistent practice in their daily lives. Instructors encourage students interested in this class to establish a great vow (directed intention), to assist them on this path of self-discovery. Intentional goal setting will change the direction and purpose of our lives as well as shift ingrained value systems.

Topics include:

  • Mind practice in the material world
  • The Threefold Practice
  • Meditation and the Breath
  • Danjeon Breathing
  • Enlightenment and No-Self
  • Prayer
  • Life and death

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