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Meet Our Alumni – Lt. Saejong IIduk Kim

The Won Institute is proud to announce that the first female Reserve Buddhist chaplain commissioned into the US Navy is a Won Buddhist Studies graduate – Lt. Saejeong Ilduk Kim!

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Register now for our Summer 2018 Anatomy & Physiology

Taught by faculty member Caryn Babian.

These courses are open to the public. The only prerequisite is a Bachelor’s Degree. To register, call or email registrar@woninstitute.edu 215.884.8942 ext 203

Caryn received her Master of Education from Arcadia University and brings with her a diverse scientific training and research experience. She is currently on the faculty of the science department at Bucks County Community College. She has been featured in the “The  Secret Life of Scientists” documentary which appeared in the popular educational television series “NOVA”.

How Acupuncture Will Help Pennsylvania Deal With the Opioid Crisis

In 2016, drug overdoses killed more people than auto accidents or guns, and overdoses are currently the leading cause of fatalities among people younger than 50. Where will this end? Read More




Clinic News

Is “dry needling’ acupuncture?

Institute Receives Grant from Disabled Veterans National Foundation

Alumni & Student Job Opportunities

Acupuncturist Needed in Abington

Acupuncturist position available at Havertown Community Acupuncture

Part-Time Acupuncturist Needed

Acupuncture Employment Opening – Hershey, PA

Acupuncture Student Intern Needed- Healing Arts Center & Healing Arts Community Acupuncture