Workshop Schedule


                        Friday, July 13                          Saturday, July 14                              Sunday, July 15







Workshop Instructors

Dr. Young-Don Choi
Dr. Grace Song
Dr. Ziyoung Kang
Yeoju Jo
Shinoh Kang







Dr. Young-Don Choi- Dr. Choi is professor emeritus at Korea University and has extensive experience working and counseling adolescents. Dr. Choi founded and developed the Won Study Character Development mindfulness program for educators, parents, and students.

Dr. Grace Song- Grace is an assistant professor at Youngsan University of Seon Studies. Ms. Song is the founder of One Circle Community, a meditation and mindfulness group in Seoul and is a mentor for the Won Study Character Development mindfulness program.

Dr. Ziyoung Kang- Ziyoung received her Ph.D. in Counselor Education from Penn State University and is a developer and researcher of the Won Study Character Development mindfulness program for educators and students. Dr. Kang has extensive experience coordinating mindfulness programs in high schools and gives talks to parents and teachers interested in learning more about mindfulness in education.

Yeoju Jo- Yeoju is a developer and researcher at the Won Study Character Development mindfulness program for adolescents and university students. She also organizes an annual mindfulness retreat for children with more than 70 participants. Ms. Jo currently mentors at both a regular and alternative high school in southwest Korea.

Shinoh Kang- Shinoh Kang received her MA in Applied Meditation from the Won Institute of Graduate Studies (WI). Ms. Kang served as president of the Namwon children’s center for two years and taught meditation and mind study at the Namwon multicultural pre-school in South Korea and Brealey School in Manhattan. Ms. Kang also led a women’s yoga class at the Nationalities Services Center for refugees in Philadelphia. She is currently the finance officer at the WI and meditation and yoga at the WI and Penn Asian Senior Service Center.


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