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About Bridges: Located in a quaint historic town in Western PA, within easy driving distance of North Pittsburgh neighborhoods, and the only clinic immediately south of two college towns, we’re well-situated and established as the acupuncture clinic in the area. Our goal is to meet patients where they are and compassionately guide them through their challenges using the wisdom of East Asian medicine. We are committed to the ideal of healthcare as a right, not a privilege, and we never turn anyone away for inability to pay. We run a well-funded community “insurance” program to compensate for discounted services and are in the process of turning that program into a full non-profit organization. We would like to open locations for community acupuncture in the next few years. Bridges is busy with a full schedule of both new and returning patients, and this solo practitioner needs help caring for them.

About me: I am an empathetic visionary who had lots of ideals and just enough followthrough to build Bridges to this point of expansion. I believe in transparency, integrity, fair wages, social and environmental responsibility, and respect. I have horses, love to travel and write, and deeply appreciate the finer things in life. Although I love acupuncture, my soul-passion is philanthropy.


I am looking for someone who:

  • Believes in my mission and values (see
  • Is empathetic with a calming, safe, and professional presence
  • Has/is getting a current PA license to practice acupuncture and ideally herbal medicine
  • Is comfortable communicating and has strong emotional/social intelligence
  • Has good time management skills
  • Is willing to have at least some evening and/or weekend hours
  • Preference for an interest in chronic pain relief, weight loss, and/or infertility, as I get a lot of those and they are not my favorite or specialty
  • Likes to educate patients
  • Will wear a mask if asked; being vaccinated against covid-19 is recommended but not required
  • Has some flexibility in growing with the business, as well as patience as I figure out this hiring thing for the first time



  • You would start on a trial period of about 3 months and be paid a per-patient rate, which we will discuss but will average out to somewhere around $40-50 per hour
  • After your trial period if we both agree you’re a good fit, you will be paid a base salary rather than per patient rate at the same $40-50 per hour rate. Payments will be distributed every two weeks. Possibility for bonuses if herb/retail sales are high
  • Flexible hours; short shifts and/or 4-day work weeks encouraged to avoid burnout; possibility for working non-treating hours (i.e. admin, blog-writing, social media posting, etc.) if desired
  • Possible opportunity for Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness qualification once our non-profit is up and running (conditions apply; we can discuss details when things firm up with the organization)
  • Free acupuncture treatments and wholesale herbs as desired for your wellbeing


After your trial period, compensation includes:

  • Holistic-based health insurance, which includes vision and dental reimbursement, with Nova Pathfinder Healthcare
  • Recertification fees and malpractice insurance covered
  • Annual stipends toward CEU courses and related travel starting at $500, increasing by $100 with each year with the company up to $1,000
  • Paid vacation starting at four weeks per year, increasing every anniversary by one day up to six weeks
    Seven paid sick/personal leave days per year, increasing every anniversary by one day up to fifteen days; additional unpaid sick/personal leave days as needed
  • 3% IRA contribution
  • Three-month parental leave
  • Bonuses for covering other acupuncturists’ shifts (for instance, taking on extra shifts to cover patients when I travel or if there is a family emergency, etc.; right now I’m the only other acupuncturist but there may be more in the future)


You can also expect:

  • Support in future life planning: As my mission in Bridges is to help my patients cross the gap from where they are now to where they want to be, I consider it part of my mission to support you in doing the same. For instance, if you dream of wealth and early retirement, I can connect you with people, courses, and possible passive income opportunities to help you get there. Or if you dream of building/owning your own wellness center, I would be open to eventually making you a partner and/or selling the business to you. Let me know about your dreams and goals; I have been in the coaching/business/healthcare world long enough to help you make the connections you want and need to live your ideal life
  • Transparency and collaboration. Even though you would not be expected to run the business behind the scenes, you would be trusted with access to all the legal and financial documents of the business so that you can have clarity on our income, expenses, and future planning. You would be made aware of changes well in advance and have input in vision and decision-making for our growth
  • Freedom to practice and work how you want. So long as you uphold your professionalism and compassion and stay within the bounds of PA Scope of Practice, you can practice any style and pursue any specialty you feel called toward. You can lead workshops, design programs, write a blog or a book, or anything else that excites you. If you have a vision for how to better serve our patients and community, I want to help make it happen


If you’re interested in this position, I would love to chat with you further. Start by looking at my website ( to see if my mission fits yours and if it does, email me (Laura) at [email protected]

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