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Student Governance

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Student Council

The Won Institute student council is a group of students from each academic program and program year who join on a self-selected, volunteer basis. These students are the representatives for their given program/program year. The student council meets the last Thursday of every month to discuss relevant topics that are focused on strengthening and supporting the Won Institute. Meetings include a student council facilitator who is a Won Institute staff member responsible for supporting and facilitating student council meetings and events. The facilitator also provides communication between the student council and institutional staff, which includes reporting any relevant information to the monthly General Assembly meeting (held the first Tuesday of every month).

Student Representatives

The Student Council is made up of student representatives from various programs and years. Student Council representatives act as a voice for students in the decision-making process of the Won Institute and work improve the student experience. Students are encouraged to share feedback with their student council representatives. Students interested in becoming student representatives are encouraged to email the librarian.

Student Council ByLaws

  • Student council representatives must support the institutional mission statement by manifesting mindfulness, wisdom, and compassion toward peers, faculty, staff, and the community.
  • Student council must practice confidentiality both within and outside of the council meetings. Any information shared within the council meeting is considered private information. At no point should information be discussed or shared outside of the meetings unless the information is relevant, supportive, and appropriate for the institute.
  • Student council representatives should be easily accessible and available to their peers and be willing to provide support when needed.
  • Student council representatives should be open and responsive to the concerns, feedback, and suggestions of other students, enabling students to feel comfortable turning to the student council.
  • Student council representatives should respect and support the personal, academic, and professional development of students, staff, and faculty.
  • Student council representatives act as representatives for the institute and should uphold professional and responsible behavior both inside and outside of the academic classroom.
  • Student council representatives should attend meetings regularly. If a member is unable to make a meeting, they should give notice to the staff facilitator.
  • Student council representatives are responsible for the planning and promotion of events/activities established by the council to increase the engagement and integration of students, staff, faculty, and community when appropriate.
  • Student council representatives must positively support each other and be open to council member ideas shared within the meeting.