Meet Doyeon Park

A novice to Eastern thought asks Doyeon Park about Won Buddhism. She recommends looking up the Four Great Principles. One of those is Selfless Service to the Public. Doyeon doesn’t need to say it, but the evidence is clear: she … Continued

Which Acupuncture Technique is Right for You?

  Heather Shultz Graduate of the Won Institute and President of the Association for Professional Acupuncturists in Pennsylvania    To some, the idea of having acupuncture treatments can sometime be a little off-putting. Needles being poked into one’s body to … Continued

Meet Our Alumni – Lt. Saejong IIduk Kim

  The Won Institute is proud to announce that the first female Reserve Buddhist chaplain commissioned into the US Navy is a Won Buddhist Studies graduate – Lt. Saejeong Ilduk Kim! As the first female Reserve Buddhist chaplain, Lt. Kim … Continued

Meet Our Students – Julie Ebers

For third year student, Julie Ebers, acupuncture is more than a career, it changed her life. Julie was 16 years old after being struck in the head playing field hockey, injuring her skull and leaving her with permanent nerve damage … Continued

Meet Our Alumni- Doyeon Park

For 2007 Won Buddhist Studies graduate Doyeon Park, putting words into action has true meaning. Since 2008 Doyeon has served at the Won Buddhist temple on the upper east side of Manhattan where she is active in the interfaith community, … Continued