Being a student in Master of Acupuncture Studies Degree program is as rewarding as it is challenging. In our 123-credit Acupuncture Studies program, students can expect to be in class up to 24 hours per week with an additional 15-20 hours spent outside of class each week for reading and other assignments. During the clinical portion of our program, students come face-to-face with patients experiencing difficult medical issues. Given the demanding nature of our program, strong time-management and stress-management skills are crucial to the success of our students.

“I was attracted to the biomedical aspects of the program, the background in both 5 element and TCM approaches and the strong meditation aspect of the program.”

Kristy Olson, AcS Class of 2013



“A strength of the program is not only in the study of scriptures and the practice meditation, but living in a community of ministers and ministers-in-training whichgreatly assists in internalizing the teaching of timeless and placeless practice.Contemplative practice and study has changed my life for the better.”

Dathane Turner, Won Buddhist Studies Class of 2013

2017 Study Abroad Trip to Won Kwang University

2nd and 3rd year Master of Acupuncture Studies Degree students are able to study abroad at Won Kwang University in Iksan, South Korea for Global Korean Medicine field study. For ten days students study traditional korean medicine (TKM), tour western and eastern hospitals and experience the rich South Korean culture.

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Student Leadership

Student Council

The Won Institute student council is a group of students from each academic program and program year who join on a self-selected, volunteer basis. These students are the representatives for their given program/program year. The student council meets the last Thursday of every month to discuss relevant topics that are focused on strengthening and supporting the Won Institute.

Institute Events


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