10-Day Study Abroad In South Korea

 The Won Institute offers second and third year acupuncture students the opportunity to  study abroad in South Korea! For 10 Days our students will have the ability to learn more about Traditional Korean Medicine and Culture! 

  1. What and where is the opportunity? A ten day study abroad trip to Wonkwang University in Iksan, South Korea.
  2. Who is eligible? Any second or third year student who is in good academic standing and has a valid passport with no travel limitations. All didactic and clinical requirements for the summer term must be completed prior to the trip.
  3. When is the trip? Ten days during each summer term.
  4. How are students selected? From the group of interested eligible students, ten names are chosen randomly and anonymously by the Academic Dean each year during the Spring term.
  5. What will be studied? Traditional Korean Medicine (TKM) including acupuncture and herbs. Study will include time in the classroom and hospital. Sight seeing and cultural events may also be part of the trip.
  6. What will be provided on the trip? Room, board, meals and tuition expenses. Airfare is NOT covered and is the responsibility of each student. We also recommend bringing $400-$500 for spending money and sightseeing trip
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View Pictures below of our 2017 Trip