Courses start May 1, 2017

Retreats are scheduled for: June 16-25 2017 and August 11-20 2017

The Certificate in Buddhist Pastoral Care program is a low residence program meeting for two sessions. The Certificate will prepare students for service in a range of pastoral contexts, including hospices, hospitals and prisons. This unique retreat-based program complements concurrent Clinical Pastoral Education and further increases the likelihood of future access to CPE as an important foundation for professional pastoral work. If you have background in Buddhist practices; want to develop clinical pastoral competency; wish to gain stronger foundations in Buddhist practices; or seek to use this certificate for completing accredited coursework toward a graduate degree, this program is right for you.

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Program Details

Students both within and beyond the Greater Philadelphia area can take advantage of this 6-month, 18-credit low-residence program. Certificate students attend two intensive 9-day Study-Retreat sessions run by the Institute, once in June and once in August. The two intensive Study-Retreats take place entirely at Cranaleith Spiritual Center in Philadelphia. Students are required to stay overnight in the center even if they are from the Philadelphia area.

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Experienced Pastoral care Faculty, Exceptional Education

Our Certificate in Buddhist Pastoral Care program is instructed by Won Buddhist ministers and faculty with Buddhist backgrounds who all share the commitment of creating an environment or teaching dharma or a practice such as yoga or meditation.

Students will acquire the following learning outcomes:

Learning Outcomes
• Students will acquire foundational understanding and skills in Pastoral Care
• Students will show competency in an array of contemplative practices such as meditation, reflection and others
• Students will demonstrate basic skills and knowledge in working with individuals, families and caregivers in the context of diverse systems
• Students will apply a diversity framework, including religious diversity to their pastoral care work
• Students will integrate an understanding of ethics and of societal trends and issues in their work with individuals, families and systems.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Please note that as a new program, there is no prior financial aid data available.

Please see other CONSUMER INFORMATION on this page.

Job prospects and Salaries

21-2011 Clergy

Chaplains are classified as part of clergy in the SOC

Employment: 48,250
Employment RSE: 2.3%
Mean annual wage: $48,150
Wage RSE: 0.9%

This is a new program starting in June 2017 and therefore no prior financial aid information is available.